Buy projector screen online in Nigeria

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Electric Projector Screen 120″

  • Electric remote-controlled projection screen
  • 72 x 72-inch square type projector screen
  • Finished in high quality matte white fabric
  • Framed in high quality, durable white casing
  • Made of reliable components for dependable performance and long service

Manual Projector Screen 72 x 72

  • Pull-down type projector screen
  • Mounted on the wall or ceiling
  • Ideal for meeting rooms, classrooms or other presentation venues
  • Also good for home theater
  • Pulling down or up is manually controlled
  • Finished in quality matte white fabric
  • A screen is a square type
  • With Durable white casing

Interactive whiteboard 96cm

  • 96 x 96-inch quality Projection screen
  • With motorized function and controlled with a remote control
  • Finished in quality matte white fabric with high display impact
  • Black edge trimming enhances visuals with contrast
  • Retracts into the quality white metal casing
  • Built with quality components for dependable operation and durability