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How to identify original sumec firman generator

For years, the FIRMAN brand trademark has been registered in about 100 countries and regions all over the world operating under the SUMEC group. SUMEC FIRMAN products are widely used in many fields such as routine life, industrial production, communications, medical care, finance, energy, and construction. SUMEC FIRMAN generator ranked first for six consecutive years among brands of exported portable Gasoline Generator in China as it was a boast of on the official FIRMAN web page and Nigeria is one of the major markets.

Hence, reason for learning how to identify original sumec firman generator because their is a motive for mass production of FAKE SUMEC generators which is equally attested to by victims of FAKE FIRMAN generator.

Using the most popular SUMEC FIRMAN generator model - SPG3000E2 as a case study you should follow the lead on the label fixed at the top of the tank (Note: once you don't see a label on the top of the petrol tank, that is a number one red flag) and watch out for an engraved FIRMAN on eight basic components which are listed as follows with pictorial representation:

  1. Oil Tank
  2. AVR
  3. Air Filter
  4. Engine Block
  5. Alternator Rear Frame
  6. Muffler
  7. Carburetor
  8. Cylinder Head Cover

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