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7 Different Types of Air Conditioners in Nigeria Market

The Air Conditioner (AC) market is classified with different acronyms according to its brands. However, there are common classifications by prospective buyers which are in terms of power consumption rating and the shape/style of the inverter if it will require breaking the wall to fix or not. In this AC article, we will try our possible best to differentiate the Air Conditioners according to popular customer's classification.


1. WINDOWS UNIT: Window air conditioners are available in candy bar format; compressor, fans, and heat exchangers (evaporator and condenser) are compactly accommodated in a single housing, because of this, this type of air conditioner has a high level of noise during operation, compared to more expensive systems split. But for the installation of window air conditioners does not require special tools and knowledge. Usually "window air" is set in the window - transom windows, reworked frame (hence its name), or specially made for him an opening in the wall.

2. SPLIT UNIT: Split air conditioners consist of indoor and outdoor unit, equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options for cleaning the air, ease of operation, the compressor can be fixed and variable (inverter) power. The indoor unit is designed for installation on the wall, on the ceiling of the room. This type of air conditioners is the most popular as a compressor and a condenser cooling fan (located in the outer, "street" block) are separated from the evaporator blower (located in the interior, "indoor" unit). This scheme was introduced in the 60s of the 20th century, when the designers set out to reduce the noise level and the size of air conditioners, for wide application in daily life, previously produced only windows and industrial monoblock system, which severely limits their use in homes and offices. "Split" means "separated" - venturenny and outdoor unit connected pipes forward and reverse pumping Freon (refrigerant -teplonositelya), the pressure created by the compressor and throttle valve, which ensures the Carnot cycle in the specified temperature limits. Upon reaching the desired temperature in the room, the compressor is deactivated. In split-system inverter compressor operates at a variable speed, and this provides another "degree of freedom" for providing a more accurate temperature control.

3. FLOOR STANDING PACKAGE UNIT AC: The ideal way to save space, our floor-standing units can easily be installed along a perimeter wall. The air distribution from these models will allow you to find the right balance for classrooms, hospital rooms, office hallways, or similar spaces. The key benefits of a floor-standing AC include but are not limited to the following:

a. Individual Control
You can operate each unit independently to get the temperature you want only in the rooms where you need it.

b. Energy and Cost Savings
Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies give you the highest possible efficiency and energy savings at lower costs.

c. Flexible Installation
Floor-standing air conditioners are easy to install, even in homes where space is limited.

d. Extensive Product Range
The wide range of floor-standing AC units means that you can choose the style and performance that suit your home best.

4. CEILING AIR CONDITIONERS: Ceiling Cassette and Conceiled Air Conditioners are Ultra slim & compact design not only saves space but also suits most of building designs. Ceiling Air Conditioners makes cooling down your working environment easy. Not only does it save space, the adjustable valves make it simple to keep your business area cool – no matter the weather. The ceiling cassette ACs protect against hot temperatures in the workplace. Discover more.

5. PORTABLE AC: This type of air conditioner is used in areas where it is difficult, is not profitable to install a split system or air conditioning is required periodically transported from place to place - for example, from the office to your home or cottage. Because of the low power such hard-conditioned rooms equipped with great shops and restaurants, as well as - as the compressor is mounted directly in the body - the noise level compared to the split-systems is significantly higher.

6. AIR COOLERS: Air coolers can be used by everyone, especially people living around hot and dry weather. One can choose from a dessert air cooler, a window air cooler or even a personal air cooler, depending on the requirements. Air Coolers are economical, eco-friendly, plug & play installation, and it's portable which can easily be moved around.

7. AIR DEHUMIDIFIERS: An air dehumidifier is a device designed to remove moisture from the air and maintain / control humidity in a room. Domestic drainage may be required in areas such as: living rooms, laundries, basements, garages, swimming pools (most often and necessarily), rooms with abundant fungus growth, book rooms (libraries), saunas (waiting rooms), wine cellars and other rooms high humidity.

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