A&E Dunamis 4KVA/24 70A Inverter

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10ms typical transfer time between battery and AC, which guarantees power continuity of A&E Dunamis charger. Uses selectable input AC voltage (184-253V or 154-253V) for different kinds of loads.
. Our A&E Dunamis charger allows start-up and through power with depleted batteries. Its powerful charge rate up to 90Amp**.
. It can offer 3-step intelligent battery charging and equip with 8 preset battery type selector for totally flat batteries.
. LCD status display, battery/AC priority switch, USB communication port are available for our A&E Dunamis pure sine wave inverter, it also has 17 alarms/warnings for easier operation and trouble-shooting, and ability to switch the unit on/off. In addition, select/deselect power saver mode can be used too.


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