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Buy Igloo coolers in Nigeria Online

Igloo coolers have been around for ages. You may even have one in your garage that you use often. But with all the progress that has been made with cooler technology these days, you may not realize what you’re missing. Roto-molded coolers like YETI and Pelican are starting to take over because they can offer such impressive ice retention – up to 7 days. As a result, Igloo has stepped up their game and now offer roto-molded models of their own.

Are there Igloo’s that can hold their own in the roto-molded movement? We took a shortlist of Igloo coolers best sellers, both classic styles and their newer roto-molded chests, and rigorously reviewed them to see which ones are actually worth your money. EscapadeNg Online Shop offers a wide range of igloo coolers, take your time to shop online for coolers on Escapade Nigeria .


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