POS & Accessories Buying Guide

The point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer (which may be a cash register printout), and indicates the options for the customer to make payment. It is also the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service. After receiving payment, the merchant may issue a receipt for the transaction, which is usually printed but is increasingly being dispensed with or sent electronically.

To calculate the amount owed by a customer, the merchant may use various devices such as weighing scales, barcode scanners, and cash registers. To make a payment, payment terminals, touch screens, and other hardware and software options are available.

The point of sale is often referred to as the point of service because it is not just a point of sale but also a point of return or customer order. POS terminal software may also include features for additional functionality, such as inventory management, CRM, financials, or warehousing.

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems, and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system does away with the need for price tags. Selling prices are linked to the product code of an item when adding stock, so the cashier merely needs to scan this code to process a sale. If there is a price change, this can also be easily done through the inventory window. Other advantages include the ability to implement various types of discounts, a loyalty scheme for customers, and more efficient stock control.

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Sharp Copier Printer BP-50M55

Sharp Copier Printer BP-50M55 – General Information: SHARP BP-50M55 A3 black & white (monochrome) multifunctional laser printer  is a secure

Fargo DTC1500 Ribbon YMCKO 045610

Fargo DTC1500 Ribbon YMCKO 045610 – General Information: Fargo 45610 YMCKO ribbons consist of yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan

Fargo DTC1500 ID Card Printer

  • Single-sided  dye sublimation printer
  • Incredibly fast print times – print full-color cards in just 16 seconds
  • 100 card input hopper, 100 card output hopper
  • Security features include custom overlay watermark,resin scramble data protection
  • Upgrade options: dual-sided printing, magnetic stripe encoding

Suprema Fingerprint Scanner RealScan-G10

  • Ten-print capture using 4 4 2 method
  • Single rolled and flat fingerprints capture
  • IP54-rated rugged dust- and water-proof casing
  • Compact and portable all-in-one live scanner for single finger flats, rolls, and four-finger slaps
  • Fast and easy capture of wet and dry fingers
  • Fingerprint quality, sequence, slippage checks, and automatic segmentation

Asure ID Solo Software

  • 600Mhz Intel or AMD CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 2MB Video Card
  • SVGA Monitor at 800 x 600 resolution CD-ROM Drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
  • MS Windows 2000 (requires Service Pack 2 or higher) or
  • MS Windows XP
  • Assure ID Software

Asure ID Enterprise Software

  • 600Mhz Intel or AMD CPU
  • 128MB RAM
  • 2MB Video Card
  • SVGA Monitor at 800 x 600 resolution CD-ROM Drive
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
  • MS Windows 2000 (requires Service Pack 2 or higher) or
  • MS Windows XP
  • Asure ID Software

Fargo HDP8500 HDP Film

  • Genuine HID Fargo part number 84800 (084800)
  • Prints 1,500 images per roll

Fargo HDP8500 Dual-Sided Lamination Module

  • The scalability
  • of the HDP8500 allows you to add dual-sided lamination capability to
  • your printer at any time. The 88910 HDP8500 Lamination Module laminates
  • both sides of your cards simultaneously for efficient card production.
  • Both clear and secure holographic laminates are available.

Fargo HDP 8500 Smart Card Encoding Module

  • System reliability over continuous runs
  • High-volume card throughput for maximum yields per shift
  • Operational convenience to optimize uptime
  • Issuance security that meets industry standards
  • Additional on-card visual security with the HDP8500 LaserWriter module and vanGO ID cards to create a One-2-One™ relationship between the card and the cardholder that is nearly impossible to counterfeit
  • FARGO HDP8500 Industrial & Government ID Card Printer and Encoder Applications

Fargo HDP8500 ID Card Printer

  • New optional dual card input hopper simplifies card handling and minimizes downtime.
  • HID Global next-generation HDP platform enables faster print speed.
  • Optional single-sided or simultaneous dual-sided lamination for higher card security--quickly.
  • Dual-sided card printing option lets you double the print area available without manually reloading cards.
  • Optional High Durable HDP Film offers greatly enhanced card durability.
  • SmartScreen™ LCD Control Panel displays helpful status messages and prompts.

Fargo HDP600 CR100 HDP Transfer Film

Fargo 84034 Retransfer Film Product code: 84034 1250 prints Card image is printed to underside of the film and the film is then applied to the surface of the card Compatible with HDP600 CR100 printers