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Fans are low-pressure air pumps that employ a motor’s power to generate a volumetric flow of air at a specific pressure.

The motors are typically permanent split capacitor AC induction motors or brushless DC motors, and the propeller translates torque from the motor to create static pressure across the fan rotor and increase the kinetic energy of the air particles. We’ll now take a closer look at this system.

The correct floor fan may provide immediate relief to the stickiest of conditions without significantly increasing your energy expenditures, whether you’re battling a summertime heat wave, an overactive radiator, or a landlord who takes months to turn on the central air.

Floor fans are essential all year long for air circulation and for removing lingering odors from cooking and smoking. They are not simply a prudent investment for the warmer months.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the market is flooded with a variety of floor fans, including oscillating towers, raised “pedestal” structures, and low-to-the-ground models.


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